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I'm Himanshi Shah-Quinn, a UX and visual designer with a background in architecture. I live in San Francisco and I’m eager to join a fast-paced team building engaging products for a digital agency, e-commerce company, or any other design-forward organization.



I redesigned an app which helps geologists get instant access to maps and share their observations and trips.

Ban Coal

I created a typographic poster that raises awareness of the harmful effects of coal.

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Patrin Pharma

I designed product packaging for a pharmaceutical company.

About me

I recently moved from India to the US, and I am having a hard time understanding why leaf blowers exist.

I am currently obsessed with Spotify’s crossfade feature. I am an extrovert and love talking to people and knowing about their stories. I hate it when people get divided by tea and coffee; I think they should love both.

I belive that if you know things you can explain them to a six year old kid. I am a fan of clear and simple language.

My design journey started with architecture school. I like to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, using a user centered process to create experiences that users love.

In my free time you can find me dancing, working out, harassing my husband, watching satisfying videos and dreaming about roller skating.

Some of my favorite books on design are The Next Billion Users and No Interface is the Best Interface.


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