Journey to Health

My Role Visual Designer
Date Nov 2022
Tools Figma
Team UX Director, UX Designer, Visual Designer, Developer and Project Manager

The Brief

To design a microsite that allows patients to upload their stories about their treatment and encourage other patients about the recovery process.


During discovery with the clients we learned that they want us to build a microsite that allows patients to share their stories about the treatment and care they received from the hospital. The purpose of this is to gain trust of potential patients who would want to undergo this treatment.

Competitor Analysis

Visual Design

Once it was clear what they were trying to build, the UX designer built out low fidelity wireframes and handed them over to me.

I talked to the clients to understand their expectations for this microsite's design and what they liked and disliked about their organization's main website.

Considering the Current Design

The clients disliked several things about their organization's main website.

However, they still didn't want to get too far away from the design of the main website.


After understanding the clients' requirements and expectations, I came up with two design concepts.

Design System

I used atomic design and started with smaller components and nested them to create a design system that is easy to maintain.


H1 Gotham Book 64 pt
H2 Gotham Book 24 pt
Body Copy Gotham Book 16 pt




Button States


Final Design